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Every Sneeze Deserves a Blessue!

Blessue Announces a New Product for the Baby’s Room - Blessue Baby

June 21,2009 -- Dallas, TX 

Blessue LLC, announced today the availability of their new Blessue Baby product line.  In keeping with their strategy to create designs that are relevant to the consumer’s home interior, Blessue Baby uniquely fits the rooms of children ages 0 – 6. The founder of Blessue Dana Kelman spoke to the value of the product by saying, “We stayed true to our design development plans and have brought to market designs that are relevant to the room in which the product is intended .”  When asked why child-centric design made sense for facial tissue, Kelman replied “With tightened family budgets, we feel our product can help families complete their nursery and toddler bedroom designs with a low cost and fun alternative to what we see in the market today.”

Blessue Baby is available in 2-ply, 90-count upright boxes offered in four design varieties.  Kelman added, “Two of our four designs are more neutral and would complement either a girl’s or boy’s room décor, where the other two designs are more gender-specific as one is for the girls room and one is for the boys room.”

As with their other designs, Blessue tested these design concepts extensively with consumers and only the best of the best have been selected for inclusion in the Blessue Baby line. 

Blessue plans to donate $.05 for every box of Blessue Baby sold to the March of Dimes.  Blessue for helping the March of Dimes!

Look for the Blessue Baby product line wherever facial tissue is sold.

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